Urthona Arts is the studio and creative imprint of artist and author Monty Brower. At http://www.UrthonaArts.com, you can view and purchase Monty’s books, paintings and other artwork, as well as get information about readings, talks, and current goings on at Urthona Arts.

Who is Monty Brower?

Monty Brower is a yoga teacher, physician and former magazine journalist whose life took an unexpected turn eight years ago, when he purchased a new fountain pen and began writing poems. From that first trickle of ink eventually flowed the letter forms of calligraphy, then images of landscapes, still lifes and the human figure, as Monty began drawing and painting. Today, Monty maintains his Urthona Arts studio at Fountain Street Studios in Framingham, Massachusetts, where he creates his artwork, including life drawings, paintings and illustrated books.

From 1983-1990, Monty worked as a staff writer for People magazine, before leaving journalism to go to medical school. Prior to that, he lived and worked in East and Southeast Asia, writing for the Hong Kong-based newsweekly Asiaweek. That experience inspired Monty’s continuing quest to bridge the philosophical and spiritual traditions of East and West.  Monty shares his art, poetry and reflections on the life journey through the full range of media, including books, gallery shows, inspirational talks and the Internet.

What does Urthona mean?

Urthona is the mythic figure personifying the spirit of creativity in the poetry of the English artist and visionary William Blake. Blake lived and worked in the age of the American and French Revolutions. A creative maverick who explored spiritual

Art of William Blake

One of Blake’s illustrations for the Book of Job.

themes through both words and visual art, Blake has inspired much of Monty’s art and writing. Blake’s now famous illustrated books of poetry provided the model for The Earthen Vessel, Monty’s illustrated collection of poems of yoga and meditation. For Monty, the name Urthona signifies creative freedom and the making of art that transcends the boundaries between word and image, celebrating the unity of body, mind and spirit.


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